Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inventory Goddess

Recently, I was appointed as the tribe's Gett-er of all Things awesome. I have taken this new assignment very seriously and immediately set to work on building spring inventory for the farm. This might be an overwhelming responsibility but luckily, I have two in-house consultants who advise me on all important decisions. Typically, their recommendation goes something like this, "Definately!" and "Get more, Momma". Here's what we have as of this week.

1. Twenty five "layers" which are now 1 week old and doing great. They have gone from fluffy puffs 7 days ago to now about palm of your hand size sweeties. They arrived in a peeping box at the post office labled "Rainbow Pullets". There are 5 varieties (we think) based on the variation of colors. Rainbow speaks to the color of the eggshells that they will produce and not the color of their feathers. (Sorry, N. Blue. ) Anyways, hopefully we'll all be just as delighted when we're collecting the easter eggs in blue/green, light brown and chocolate brown by the dozens to share.

2. Fifteen "broilers" due to arrive Friday. Broilers means these guys will be dinner. Aka...No naming them Catalina and Stephie! This is a small order due to the fact that it'll be our first go at raising and "processing" this type of bird. Luckily, we have the best farming mentor this side of the route 33 helping us along the way. Tom, current/soon to be former owner of Sweet Dog Farm is doing an incredible job walking us through the whole process start to finish.

These birds will be ready for dinner in 8 weeks. Making them an excellent warm up for the whole tribe to learn about poultry and even better than that...A prospect for celebratory dinner after we close on the farm!

3. Thirty more broilers due on April 1st which will be ready for sale May 28th hopefully these will be our first dollar earned.

4. A slew of started herbs and veggies that will be ready to plant in the ground on May 1st at the farm. At this point, the plants are someplace between just germinated seed and 3 inches tall. Varieties include, Tendergreen burpless cucumber, red cherry tomato, german striped tomatos, red peppers, rosemary, parsley, basil, cilantro, sweet banana peppers, cayenne peppers and garden green beans.

So now, here we are, my house smells like fresh soil and there are 40 chickens in my basement. What's left to do? Oh ya, aquire 3 little piggies. Love!