Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yard to Skillet

Huge thanks to Tom Silliman for sharing his time and vast knowledge with us and our friends at the Yard to Skillet workshop!! Although I have to admit I don't think I'll ever consider killing the chickens to be enjoyable, I find it incredibly satisfying and empowering to truly know my food sources. I love knowing that our chickens led happy, healthy lives. They were able to enjoy fresh air, sun, good food, and clean grass every day of their happy little chicken lives. I now have an even bigger appreciation for the food I choose to put into my body and gratitude to the animals who's lives provide my food. Yesterday we joined our friends Aaron and Heather, who also attended Tom's workshop, for a BBQ. They were clearly proud to serve up their delicious Sweet Peeps chickens they processed themselves. Heather claims "I will never buy conventional or cut-up chicken again". We couldn't agree more!!

If you missed Tom's workshop this weekend don't worry, we'll have more in the future!