Sunday, May 8, 2011

Keepin' it Sweet

Sweet Dog Farm has become Sweet Peeps Farm for sure! We have done tons of work, completing lots of things on our incredibly long list of things-to-do and even more things that didn't even make the list. Lets see...what stands out?

We have cleaned the house from top to bottom and painted the entire inside. We have also really gone to work on getting the farm cleaned up. We set up a great little house for the goats and a sweet spot in the edge of the woods for the piggies. The boys have done some awesome electric fence work!! I'm proud to say the pigs are trained to the electric fence, although none of the other animals can figure it out. They continue to take turns shocking themselves and are clearly surprised and appear to have injured their pride EVERY single time. The boys pressure washed the outside of the house (only a few puddles formed inside), and John and I hung the clothes line (our clothes only touch the grass sometimes). We processed our first chickens, with the help of a good friend who has been happy to share his wealth of knowledge with us, and Monday we will make our first sale to Virginia Cooperative Extension where our product will be tasted along with other products offered in Greene county. My personal favorite addition to the farm is our beautiful garden which we started planting yesterday and the long spot we tilled along the horizon, already dubbed "Gaga's Garden", where we will plant the wildflower seeds Gaga gave us.

One last thought on keeping it sweet. A couple of days ago I overheard the little girls chatting about "Sweet Deeps Farm". They explained to me that it was "Sweet Dog" and "Sweet Peeps" put together. I just loved that and thought it was a story worth sharing. Kids really have it figured out!

I do promise to post before and after photos of the farm in the future. Until then check out our logo thanks to my amazing friend, Morgan!

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  1. Love the logo!! Cant wait to see all the progress.