Saturday, July 23, 2011

Farmfit in Action

I know it's been a while since my last post and I'm sorry. We have had so much going on...all the more reason to be blogging of course. That's how the blog thing goes! Well, I could make excuses but I don't really believe in excuses. The important thing is that I'm making a commitment now to all of you that I will post at least once a week. Now to the good stuff!!

A little background:
We at Sweet Peeps have been involved in some sort of CrossFit for about three years now. For those of you who don't know, CrossFit (in my own words) is an intense type of workout that uses constantly varied, functional movements. It will kick your butt, make you feel great, and most importantly is a blast!! Don't be overly intimidated. The beauty is that it can be modified to fit any level of experience or fitness. (I strongly encourage anyone who is interested to learn more about CrossFit.) The best part about CrossFit is the incredible community that has been created around it and we got to see some of that today. Since we've been out on the farm we have been following the WODs (workout of the day) of two of my favorite gyms, CrossFit East Decatur, and Charlottesville CrossFit and have tweaked them to create what we call FarmFit so we can do them right here out of the barn with whatever fabulous mode of torture we can find. We have been having so much fun FarmFiting about a great team building experience!! I love that on any given day any one of our friends might show up with sneakers ready for a workout. We always come through!!

The fun part:
We're out on the farm working very hard at living as "primal" of a lifestyle as we can. We grow our own food and workout right here on the farm (and I'm talking about in addition to the daily farm work that could probably be considered a WOD in itself!). Today Mike came out from CrossFit HQ and interviewed us and took some videos around the farm and of the animals. A few of our fellow CrossFitters from northern VA and from Cville CrossFit also came out for a FarmFit WOD. We all had a blast and really hope to make the CrossFit community proud!! While I'm on the topic of community, last night we also got to meet a really neat paleo/crossfit family who drove all the way from Greensboro to show their support. We are definitely feeling the love!! Check out the first interview with CrossFit HQ about John, The Gypsies, and Sweet Peeps Farm. The next video will be even better!!
Clover counts reps for John.

Today's WOD: Morning Chores
For time. Teams of four must collect the following while the fourth teammate completes farmer carries. Only one person may collect each movement at a time. One teammate must be doing the farmer carry at all times.
300 burpees
300 feed bag squats (50lbs)
80 pullups
Then 50m tractor push (We have to make use of the one that "almost works" somehow!)


  1. so awesome! wish i was there with you! when are we gonna build that yurt?...