Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here's the Beginning of Our Story...

Marissa and I met in nursing school at FSU in 2003ish. My first memory of Marissa is when we were partnered up to practice bed baths. I was thinking something along the lines of “man she’s got awesome abs” and as far as I’m concerned we’ve been friends ever since. Bryce and Marissa recently got married after many years of partnership (that’s a fabulous story I’ll let them share if they want to) and have the two coolest kids I have ever met by far, Catalina (9) and Nolan Blue (6). John is my amazing “little big” brother. Throughout the years, the four of us have played many different roles to each other including colleagues, travel buddies, flatmates, workout partners, team mates, most importantly friends, and everything in between...essentially creating our own unique family, which we now lovingly call our Tribe.

So, while Bryce was deployed in Afghanistan and John was volunteering in Cambodia, Marissa and I were participating in a “Happiness Training” with the kids when we came upon a project where we were supposed to draw a picture of an “important life goal”. As we stood back and looked at the fridge covered with our drawings of dreams we realized that our goals were completely compatible and so we got to plotting.

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  1. So excited about the blog. Can't wait to read more. Seems like there might be a book here somewhere - maybe about a year?