Friday, February 25, 2011

Ideas Anyone?

I'm feeling the need to write a followup to my previous post. I talked about the naysayers but seem to have left out a really important part...the many many people who HAVE been excited and supportive. One of the coolest parts of this experience so far is all the fabulous, sometimes very creative ideas that people have shared with us. Suggestions have included everything from how to build various things to business ideas, to what boots are the best. One of my personal favorites is to "always wear a skirt when working in the garden because you'll get a nice breeze on your tushy". Brilliant!! We love hearing everyone's ideas and experiences. Please share more!!
I also didn't mention all the people who have offered to help in various ways once we have actually purchased our farm. I can't wait to put all of these willing hands to work. Before we know it we'll be comparing calluses...and they wont be from pullups for once!!

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