Monday, February 14, 2011

Tribal Conference

Attending the Virginia Biological Farmers Conference was the perfect first official act for our tribe. It's the first time we have all been together in a long time. Bryce has been vacationing in Afghanistan for the last 6 months, I have been living and volunteering in asia, Steph doing travel nursing in Atlanta and Marissa training the next generation of our tribe in the rugged Blue mountains of Virgina. The fact that we all got to be together is special in its own right.

Through out the conference I was impressed by the amazing ideas coming from such a diverse group of people. Most of all, I was impressed by the willingness of these people to share their hard earned ideas with strangers brought together by a common goal. Grow real food in a sustainable way. This simple idea has been buried for a long time and seeing this diverse group working together to bring it back was inspiring. Tribal Act 1... Success

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  1. So cool! Can't wait to hear about everything you have learned.