Monday, February 14, 2011

Marching to the beat of our own drum... a sometimes very loud drum

Something I love that I noticed this weekend about our family is our ability to stand out even among an already semi odd and diverse group of people. While staying in the Courtyard Marriott in Danville for the farmers conference, we were inspired by all the traveling business people having meetings in the hotel lounge. Having very serious business of our own to discuss, including everything from farm finances to how many dogs each of us are allowed in our tiny future farm house, we decided a very serious power pajama meeting was in order (pictured right).

Also included this weekend for the worlds entertainment:
  • Our Crossfit style workouts on the front lawn of the hotel, a spectacle for everyone in the hotel and the main highway passing by
  • The kid fort under our table during the business planning portion of the conference
  • Marissa and I trying unsuccessfully to sneak quietly out of any seminar we deemed boring.
  • Knowing that any loud clanging noise coming from another room was most likely Blue dropping something
Thinking about all these things made me appreciate how the family structure we are creating and the lifestyle we are choosing to share will give us the opportunity to enjoy being different. Here's to awkward moments... Cheers


  1. I love this blog! This posting made me laugh out loud - especially the part about Blue and the noise. You are all so fabulous.

  2. John, awesome entry. Thank you for being a recorder and a willing participant in all tribe hijinks.